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Paleteros Apprentices

After discovering paletas in Mexico in 2011 during a trip, and thinking about it for a long time, we wanted to develop the concept in Switzerland.


To make paletas respecting the secrets of Mexican manufacturing, we went directly to Guadalajara.
On site, real paleteros taught us their secrets.

A promising first summer!

  • More than 5,000 paletas produced

  • 5 fixed points of sale

  • Participation in more than 15 events

  • Development of more than 10 recipes 

  • Lots of fun and motivation for the rest!​

    Thank you to all of you!

When my room is no longer enough...

​ After the success of our 2016 "test" summer, we had to move up a gear and  professionalize the company. So we launched a crowdfunding campaign on our own site and managed to raise more than 20,000 chf! We were thus able to set up our own production premises, equip it as it should and create a real business.

iGracias a todos por su apoyo!

The business is launched...

  • More than 20,000 paletas produced

  • 22 fixed points of sale

  • Participation in more than 30 events

  • Elaboration de 5 new recipes 

  • From accounting...

  • Foosball games...

  • Club nights...

  • And even more fun and motivation for the future!

Thanks, class!

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